Adam Schwaninger

6th-8th Grade  ·  Art Specialist




Adam Schwaninger

6th-8th Grade  ·  Art Specialist

About Me

I have been the art specialist at Schoo Middle School since it opened in August of 2009.  I love my job at Schoo and am continually impressed with the imagination, creativity and talent possesed by my students.

I strive to provide an experiece that is fun, challenging and enriching for my students.  I have developed a project-based curriculum that focuses on exploring and creating art that helps students understand art in a historical, cultural and personal context.

Through a variety of art making techniques, students use the creative process to make non-linear decisions and problem solve to complete each summative piece.

There are several student examples, links, information and other content on my website!  Check it out HERE!

Professional Experience

Bachelors of Art & K-12 Art Education Certificate

    - Nebraska Wesleyan University (May 2009)

Masters of Education: Curriculum and Instruction

    - Doane College (May 2011)

You can view my personal work HERE