Alexs Cruz

Math  ·  8th Grade Teacher




Alexs Cruz

Math  ·  8th Grade Teacher

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I am someone who believes that Mathematics is the language of the universe. Sadly not everyone apreciates this archaic language and hopefully in my classroom it can be appreciated. Especially since children are our future presidents, lawyers, doctors, etc.. and that their future is theirs to make and theirs alone. They can become anything they want an no one can tell them no. I am a Teacher and the first of my family to graduate and I had many struggles along the way but I am here now and I have made it. Thus I am curious what my students are going to become because their potential is endless.

Professional Experience


  • Bachelors Secondary Education: Math From UNL
  • Minor: Spanish  From UNL

Teaching Experience 

  • Culler Middle School Math teacher Since 2018
  • Lux Middle School Student Teacher Jan of 2018