Alex Kolbo

Art  ·  Art Teacher

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Alex Kolbo

Art  ·  Art Teacher

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Classroom Information
About Me

“The artist is not a special person; every person is a special kind of artist.”

-Michael Michalko

I am originally from Kearney, NE where I went to High School. I was very involved in Art and Athletics. After 2 years of Architecture in college I decided to give into my passion for Art and kids so I persued Art Education. I met my wife, Machelle, in college and we got married back in August 2012.  I love to travel, enjoy the outdoors (biking, hiking, running, longboarding, etc), and I still enjoy playing some soccer and tennis when I can.

As for art, I have always had a passion for Graphic Design/ Digital Art, and Ceramics but I have never really found a form of art that didnt grab my intrest, except maybe weaving... I am very excited to be teaching Photography, Pottery, and Jewelery at East this year.

Professional Experience

Bachelor of Arts in Education and Human Sciences, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Endorsed: Art education (K-12)

Teach at Lincoln East High School

Kearney High School Graduate