Amanda Sherrill

Kindergarten  ·  Kindergarten Teacher




Amanda Sherrill

Kindergarten  ·  Kindergarten Teacher

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 Ways to Support Your Child At Home

  1. Do activities from the Read at Home Booklets by from the Nebraska Department of Education (available in English, Arabic, Karen, Somali, Spanish, & Vietnamese)

  2. Do activities from the Florida Center for Reading Research - Printable activities for Kindergarten and 1st grade to reinforce literacy skills.

  1. Use suggestions from the Instutute of Educational Sciences website on Supporting Your Child’s Reading at Home:  Link 

  2. Watch phononemic awareness training videos for kids called Sounder & Friends (endorsed by the Heggerty Phonological Awareness Curriculum and organization).

  3. Read the interactive ebooks on the MINDSTARBOOKS website with your child.

  4. Watch the “Reading Buddies” Dusty and Dott
    on their youtube channel (developed by the
    Reading League): 

I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. I come from a family of five. My twin sister and I are both educators in Lincoln Public Schools. My dream was to become a kindergarten teacher and I am so happy to be living that dream! I grew up playing sports and have loved participating in and watching all athletic events. This is my 5th year teaching kindergarten at McPhee Elementary and I am excited to work with the scholars and their families. Go Mustangs! 

Professional Experience

I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I graduated with distinction with a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education.