Ali Shull

6th grade English Language Arts and Science




Ali Shull

6th grade English Language Arts and Science

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6th Grade English Language Arts Course Description:

 The 6th Grade Language Arts course is a comprehensive, balanced and inclusive  program intended to develop students’ ability to read with meaning, write clearly, and speak and listen effectively.   This course is aligned to develop the following overarching Nebraska State English Language Arts Standards (p. 3, 34-38):

  • Students will learn and apply reading skills and strategies to comprehend text (LA6.1).

  • Students will learn and apply writing skills and strategies to communicate (LA6.2).

  • Students will develop and apply appropriate speaking and listening skills and strategies to communicate for a variety of purposes (LA6.3).

  • Students will apply information fluency and practice digital citizenship (LA6.4).

6th Grade Language Arts uses the Gradual Release of Responsibility. This instructional framework provides modeling, abundant practice guided by the teacher with the intention of students gradually becoming more proficient and independent with the skills, processes and strategies of literacy.


6th Grade Science Course Description

 The middle school science curriculum focuses on topics from life science, physical science, space/earth science, and STS (science, technology, and society)/environment. Some of the specific units include cells and heredity, electricity and magnetism, weather, astronomy, and the environment. The science curriculum helps students explore science questions and discover how science is meaningful to their lives.



1st Period: 9:54-10:38 (ELA)

2nd Period: 10:40-11:24 (ELA)

3rd Period: 11:26-12:10 (ELA)

Lunch: 12:12-1:02

4th Period: 1:04-1:48 (Science)

5th Period: 1:50-2:34 (Supervision)

6th Period: 2:36-3:20 (Plan)

I was born and raised in Lincoln. I attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and graduated with my undergraduate degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I decided that wasn't my path and instead recieved my Masters Degree in Special Education. 

My first teaching postion was in a self-contained, Behavior Skills Program classroom in Omaha Public Schools. After that I came back home to LPS and was the Emotional Disturbance teacher at Mickle Middle School. I would often visit students at NEC and grew to love the program. When a position opened, I jumped at the opportunity to join the team. 

Professional Experience

Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from UNL in 2012

Masters of Education Degree in Special Education from UNL in 2017