Brent Seifferlein

Special Education Teacher


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Brent Seifferlein

Special Education Teacher

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 6th grade Social Studies

The content of the sixth grade social studies curriculum rests on the belief that world history is best understood as a unified chronology in which humankind as a whole has a story to be investigated. Lessons emphasize the connectedness of civilizations and the larger patterns of historical significance that emerge from a lens not limited to a study of various “cultures.” First semester objectives provide multiple opportunities for students to investigate maps and timelines, to apply historical thinking and close reading skills, and to engage in content-driven research and inquiry. Lesson procedures include suggestions for cooperative learning structures, emphasis on formative process, and an integrated approach to technology.

6th grade Science

The middle school science curriculum focuses on topics from life science, physical science, space/earth science, and STS (science, technology, and society)/environment. Some of the specific units include cells and heredity, electricity and magnetism, weather, astronomy, and the environment. The science curriculum helps students explore science questions and discover how science is meaningful to their lives.


Mr. Seifferlein's Schedule

Period 1 - 6th grade Social Studies

Period 2 - 6th grade Social Studies

Period 3 - 6th grade Social Studies

Period 4 - 6th grade Science

Period 5 - Supervision

Period 6 - Supervision

Professional Experience

I received my Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2010. Shortly after graduating, I became interested in pursuing a profession in education. I became a paraprofessional at D.C. West in Valley, Nebraska for two years. While working there, I began to pursue a Teacher's Certification in Special Education from Doane University in 2015. I accepted my first teaching position at the Nuernberger Education Center in 2016.