Christina Welch

Vocal Music  ·  Teacher




Christina Welch

Vocal Music  ·  Teacher

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Kahoa Choir 8:00-8:45

12:50-1:40 -Turner2/Nguyen (1st)

1:45-2:35 - Marousek2/Krueger (3rd)

2:40-3:30 -     Rudnick (5th)                           

12:50-1:40 - 

Turner1/ Hernandez(1st)                                                 

1:45-2:35 - 

Marousek1/ Hauck (3rd)                              

2:40-3:30 - Rittenberger  (5th) 


12:50-1:40 - Lanik (K)

1:45-2:35 - Polacek (2nd)

2:40-3:30 - Beatty (5th)


12:50-1:40 - Fankhauser (K)

1:45-2:35 - Krazer (2nd)

2:40-3:30 - Yount (4th)

12:50-1:40 - Consbruck (K)

1:45-2:35 - Errazo (2nd)

2:40-3:30 - Stohlman (4th)

Brownell Choir


I grew up in the Lincoln Public Schools, attending Cavett, then Scott MS, and then South East High School.  I have been involved in choirs, the Lincoln Children's Playhouse, Pine Wood Bowl, and the Haymarket Theatre throughout my school years.  Since my graduation from Doane University in 2007 I have been teaching private music lessons, teaching in public schools, and continuing my music education learning at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and elsewhere.

Professional Experience

I aquired my BA in K-12 Music Education from Doane University in 2007, and my Masters in Music Education from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 2015. This will be my 6th year as a classroom music teacher, and my 4th year as a Brownell Buffalo