Denise Knotwell

Social Studies  ·  Teacher




Denise Knotwell

Social Studies  ·  Teacher

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About Me

She believe teaching reading and writing righ along with Social Studies is important for Middle School Students. Understanding Citizenship through Democracy motivates her to look forward to teaching every day.

Ms. Knotwell has been a teacher for 27 years mainly as a Social Studies Teacher at Goodrich Middle School and Lincoln High School. She has also taught at Wayne State College, has been a reading tutor, has taught Jazzercise, P. E. and Wellness. She loved her years spent at YMCA Camp Kitaki as a counselor and program director and has set the stage for her to blend fun with learning.

She has four children and loves to run road races, read about history, and spend time around the water.

She likes being with Middle School age students because she sees it as a once in a life time experience in adolescence. It is a time of major brain development when social skills are often as important to these kids as reading and writing. She believes that building relationships are as important as teaching about American History and inspiring students to want to learn is her biggest challenge.

Professional Experience

She has degrees from Univeritsy of Nebrask-Lincoln and Wayne State College, earning her Master's in 2006.