Erin Miles

Science  ·  Teacher

North Star (A217) / Career Academy (105A)



Erin Miles

Science  ·  Teacher

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Classroom Information
About Me

This year I embark on a new adventure in my teaching career.  I will be teaching in the mornings at North Star High School (Diff Anatomy/Physiology & Biology) and in the afternoons at The Career Academy (Chemistry in the Ag/Bioscience Pathway).


 2015-2016 SCHEDULE:

Period 2:  Differentiated Anatomy & Physiology (North Star A105)

Period 3:  Differentiated Anatomy & Physiology (North Star A105)

Period 4: Biology (North Star A105)

Period 5: Plan (North Star A217)

Period 6: Plan (The Career Academy 105A)


Period 7 & 8: Chemistry (The Career Academy 105)

KEY CLUB MEETINGS every other Wednesday after school (A105)

Girls Golf Coach (practice after school til 5:15)

My path to becoming a teacher was quite convoluted.  Teaching was never a profession I set out for, but towards the end of my academic career it became obvious that it was where I was headed.  My initial career goals involved conservation and restoration management, which is what I had in mind when I earned my Masters of Biology in Ecology and Evolution.  However, during my Masters work I worked as a teaching assistant (TA) at UNL where I taught several classes and labs.  I fell in love with teaching and my career objectives changed.

My educational background, hobbies, and interests definitely enrich my passion for science which in turn enrich my classroom.  I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and seek adventures whenever I can; back country backpacking, hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, traveling, trying new things, nature photography, and the list goes on!  My mission in the classroom is to help students connect the concepts they learn about in the classroom to things surrounding them in the life outside of school.  It is by that connection that students can have their interests piqued and their understanding deepened!

Professional Experience


           Graduate Studies in Curriculm & Instruction

June 2009-Present

Doane College - Lincoln, NE


             Accelerate Teaching Certification Program

July 2010

Doane College - Lincoln, NE


                 Master of Science - Ecology & Evolution

December 2008

University of Nebraska - Lincoln


                            Bachelor of Science - Psychology

May 2002

University of Nebraska - Lincoln


                                                Diploma - High School

May 1997

Scotus Central Catholic High School - Columbus, NE



Miles, E.K., & Knops, J.M.H. (2009) Grassland compositional change in reation to the identity of the dominant matrix-forming species.  Plant Ecology & Diveristy 1: 1-11.

Miles, E.K., & Knops, J.M.H. (2009) Shifting dominance from native C4 to non-native C3 grasses: Relationships to community diversity.  OIKOS 118: 1844-1853.





“All genuine learning is active, not passive.

It involves the use of the mind, not just the

memory.  It is a process of discovery, in which

the student is the main agent, not the teacher.”

-M.J. Adler, The Paideia Proposal