Hannah Lambert

Music  ·  Vocal Music Teacher


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Hannah Lambert

Music  ·  Vocal Music Teacher

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 Hello! My name is Hannah Lambert, and I have the wonderful privilege of being the vocal music teacher here at Moore. I am so excited to meet and make music with you all.

My hope is that the program grows tremendously over time; these first years we will be small, and I am excited to focus on building community and establishing a culture of excellence and enthusiasm.

The Moore Vocal Music program seeks to leave a lifelong impression that will positively affect not just the way students think about music but also the way they think about themselves and others. Our mission here at Moore is to enrich the lives of all students through the experiences of creating, performing, and responding to music.

You’ll be able to find information about concerts, projects, assessments, and everything else we do on the vocal music website and on Google Classroom. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at school or by email (Miss Hannah Lambert, Room 106,

Looking forward to a wonderful year!


PERIOD 1 // 8:00 -- 8:52

PERIOD 2 // 8:55 -- 9:47

PERIOD 3 // 9:50 -- 10:42

PERIOD 4 // 10:45 -- 11:37


LUNCH // 11:40-12:15

PERIOD 5 // 12:18-- 1:10


PERIOD 6 // 1:13 -- 2:05

PERIOD 7 // 2:08 -- 3:00

Hello! My name is Hannah Lambert and I am incredibly excited to be serving as Moore Middle School’s vocal music teacher! 
I was born and raised just south of Lincoln and attended Norris High School. Upon graduating, I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (go Huskers!) where I received my degree in Music Education, with minors in Psychology and Communication Studies.
At UNL I enjoyed participating in a variety of musical ensembles, both vocal and instrumental. On top of regular ensemble classes, I played trombone and was a drum major for the Cornhusker Marching Band, sang and danced in Big Red Singers Show Choir, and founded Boots & Cats, a female a cappella group.
After graduation, I took some time away from the classroom before being hired as a substitute teacher by LPS in October of 2015. In my free time I enjoy making/eating food, running, singing, dancing, reading, working with youth, and spending time with people I love! 
I am passionate about students, especially middle school students, and I am passionate about music, especially vocal music. Music is a powerful tool for building skills in critical and abstract thinking, collaboration, communication, self-awareness, and creativity. It’s also a LOT of fun! I believe that both students and music have the power to change the world, and I love seeing young people grow through their involvement in performing arts. 

 It is such a privilege to be a part of the fabulous team at Moore. I am thankful to be a part of this community and hope to make and share music with our students and their families for many years to come!