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Halsey Robb

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 This past summer I got married (and changed my name). My husband, Quentin, and I got married on the main stage at the Lied Center for the Performing Arts which was very special for us because we love to go to the theatre together. Spending time playing board games and cards with our friends and family are also hobbies of ours. We enjoy playing and cuddling our 3 cats, Frank, Miles, and George. My husband also loves to cook but would love me help in the kitchen a bit more. I am trying my best to be become a better cook, but I have to work very hard in order to do so! On my own I enjoy exercising at Jazzercise, dancing, performing in and choreographing musicals, and singing to show tunes.

 In my classroom and in life, I believe that determination and effort can take you far. While students are working in my classroom, we work hard at making progress on IEP goals. Teaching is a passion of mine and I love sharing that with my students. Seeing the look on my students’ faces when they are learning (especially when they have an “aha” moment) is gratifying and exciting. I learn as much from them as they do from me!

I use my experiences from my undergrad and graduate classes many times in my classroom to explain the importance of going to high school, college, and in my case, more college! It is fun to relate having “homework” along with my students and they love hearing about my grit and effort that I put in to overcoming struggles from classes and projects.

I believe learning needs to be fun and engaging. I encourage students to discuss with one another, share ideas and collaborate. The culture of my classroom is welcoming, positive, and a safe place for all students. We have many discussions about the power of “Not Yet.” We may not have mastered something… yet, but we will!


My Favorite Things:

Color: Pink

Season: Fall

Drink: Coffee

Food: Chocolate and Pasta

Animal: Cat

Activity: Dancing 


Professional Experience

 My name is Halsey Robb and I am a Special Education teacher at Prescott Elementary School. This year I am starting my 5th year of teaching! I have completed my undergraduate courses at Nebraska Wesleyan University and I have just recently earned my Master’s Degree in Special Education: Behavior and Emotional Disorder at the University of Nebraska Lincoln in May of 2019.