Jill Martin

Preschool Resource Teacher




Jill Martin

Preschool Resource Teacher

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About Me

My name is Jill Martin, I am from Lincoln and attended Lincoln Public Schools from preschool through High School.  I went to Nebraska Wesleyan University and received a Bachelor of Music and received a Master of Arts in Special Education from he University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  I love to sing,  as I was a vocal music major at Wesleyan and have directed two different church choirs.  I also love reality TV and am the oldest MTV and VH-1 Junkie!   I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world with the NWU Choir, which I was a member of for 5 years.  I traveled to Scotland, England, the Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, and Italy.  I still love to travel within the US and you will often hear me talk about Las Vegas, NV.  I did teach there for one year and visit often.  I'm all about a great hotel!!!!! 

I have been working in early childhood special education since 1993 and have worked with families in both the home and classroom environment.  Most recently, I worked with preschoolers at the University of Nebraska Child Development Lab, programming for children with autism in an inclusive setting.   While I have worked with children with all types of disabilities, I do have additional training in working with children with autsim and severe disabilities.  I am looking forward to with your family and child this year in preschool.

Professional Experience

1993-1994     ECSE Classroom Teacher, Hawthorne Elementary

1994-1997     ECSE Classroom Teacher, Eastridge Elementary

1997-2000     ECSE Classroom Teacher, Belmont Elementary

2000-2001     ECSE Classroom Teacher, Myrtle Tate Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

2001-2005     ECSE Classroom Teacher, Hartley Elementary

2005-2006     Lead Childcare Specialiist, North Star HIgh School

2005-2008     Preschool Resource Teacher,  Hartley Elementary

2008-2011     Preschool Resource Teacher, Ruth Staples Lab, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2011-2012     Preschool Resource Teacher, Cavett and McPhee Elementary

2012-current, Preschool Resource Teacher, Prescott Elementary