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Kyle Schwaninger


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About Me

I am a strong believer in positive psychology and believes everyone has certain strengths that help them work in various situations.  I strive to not only find these strengths in my students, but utilize them in my instruction.

I am from Fremont, NE and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Secondary Education-Mathematics.  Growing up, I had many teachers who I encountered which knew their respective subject areas very well, but could not teach it.  Because of this, I became interested in the difference between knowing something, and being able to teach it.  Using this as motivation, I strive to have multiple ways of explaining concepts as well as a variety of activities to help reach as many students as possible.

Professional Experience

Bachelors degree in Secondary Education Mathematics from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Taught summer school 2010 and 2011 at North Star

Received my Master of Art for Teaching in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 2014