Lisa Hansen

Social Studies

Lisa Hansen

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Lisa Hansen

Social Studies

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About Me

I moved to Lincoln in 1995 after having lived in San Francisco.  Although I have some family here, I really didn't know too much about Lincoln so I have found it exciting getting to know the people that make Lincoln special.  I have also grown a strange interest in football! 

I have taught seventh through the twelfth grade during my tenure at LPS.  I have truly enjoyed all the curriculums and people I have worked with.  The greatest joy I have found in teaching, has come when students from the past seek me out to share with me all the things they have achieved so far and their goals for their future.  They inspire me and encourage me daily.

I was honored to assist in the development of the curriculum for World History, work on standard setting, and offer input and field test district assessments.  I have learned much about the importance of being active and an advocate for my students in what they learn, how it is taught, and how the learning is measured.

Professional Experience

Bachelor of Arts, History, Colorado State University

Teacher Credential Program, Colorado State University

Masters of Education, Technology Integration, Peru State College