Lisa Ryba

Special Education  ·  Special Education Teacher




Lisa Ryba

Special Education  ·  Special Education Teacher

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About Me

Hello!  Here's a little background about myself and how I became a teacher.  I grew up on an acreage outside of Lincoln.  I attended a one-room school for all of my elementary education.  There was only one other student in my grade and about 13 students in the whole school the entire time I attended.  It was quite an experience.  

I can't say that there is one thing in particular that influenced my decision to become a teacher.  There was a variety of life experiences that played a part in this.  My experience in a small school setting definitely impacted my decision.  It gave me the opportunity to see how one teacher was able to meet the needs of all students, K-6.  As I reflect on it now, it seems like quite an overwhelming task for one person.  In addition, my mom was a paraeducator in LPS and would come home with remarkable stories about her day to day work.  Whether her stories were about challenges or celebrations, she always had a positive outlook on working with children.  In middle school I had two teachers that really stood out to me as exceptional.  They built positive relationships with students and were willing to take time to help students succeed.  All of these experiences have impacted me as a person and as an educator. 

I've been fortunate to be able to teach at McPhee Elementary School since 2000.  I enjoy having the opportunity to work with amazing students and families.  I'm inspired by the hard work and growth that students show in our school.

I’m married and have two children.  Our family enjoys spending time at the lake fishing and boating. 

Professional Experience

I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2000 with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Special Education.  I've been pursuing my Master's Degree for the past several years and am due to complete it in July of 2020.