Cindy Williams

1st Grade  ·  Teacher




Cindy Williams

1st Grade  ·  Teacher

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About Me

As a daughter of an Air Force Master Sargent, I have traveled the world and have been places most people only read about in text books.  I have attended school in the Philippines, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Guam, Mississippi as well as Bradshaw and York, NE.  I earned both an AA and AS degree from York College before completing my undergraduate degree at UNL.  By the time I had my Bachelor of Science in Education degree, I had attended 17 schools and lived in 21 homes.

My husband and I settled in Lincoln and raised four daughters, all proud Roper graduates.  For 10 years, I worked at Trinity United Methodist Church as the Director of Youth Ministries before working as a Substitute teacher for Lincoln Public Schools (really, only Roper).  I later signed on as the Gifted Facilitator at Roper and worked my way up to full time when I added RtI to my resume.  This is my eighth year as a 1st Grade teacher and every day I learn something new from their bright minds. 

We lived in the West A neighborhood for 31 years and have enjoyed the neighbors and all the changes including the Market Place and the booming housing growth. Sadly, we recently moved to a new location but my loyalty will always be with West A.  In the past 8 years, we have had changes in our family as well, with the addition of three son-in-laws, two grandsons and three granddaughters.  One of my greatest joys is watching my family expand to include these amazing guys and watch as my daughters figure out this "baby thing."  In my spare time, being with my family is my number one priority.

I look forward to a great year and am excited to meet a new group of inquiring minds.

Professional Experience

Asoociates of Arts and an Associates of Science - York College  1981

Bachelor of Science - El. Ed. - University of Nebraska-Lincoln  1983

Post Grqduate work