Leila Zila

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Leila Zila

Vocal Music  ·  Vocal Music Teacher

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Period 1 - 8th grade Choir

Period 2 - Special Education Music Class

Period 3 - 7th grade Vocal Music

Period 4 - 7th grade Vocal Music

Period 6 - 6th grade Vocal Music

Period 7 - 6th grade Vocal Music

      In my home country Azerbaijan,  Elementary, Middle and High school students were housed in the same building - grades 1 through 10. Each grade had approximately 110 - 120 students. Simple math with these numbers shows that the number of students in the building was pretty high. Our school had only one music teacher, whose work load was immense. One day, when I was in 6th grade, I told her, "When I grow up, I will become a music teacher, come back to this school and help you carry the load". She looked at me, smiled and simply thanked me for my wanting to help. What we plan, doesn't always work out... I was dealt different cards by my fate. My family immigrated to the United States, where we had to start our lives all over.

      My promise worked out half way. I did become a music teacher, but on a different continent. I am really excited to bring my experiences to the table, to share my knowledge and passion with the students, to make music together and have absolute fun in the process! My goal is for the students to think outside the box, to discover the world and understand selves through music making, and to become music consumers, who will always, always, always support the arts.

Professional Experience

M.M. Chamber Music Performance and Music Education

Conservatory (1992-1997)

Baku, Azerbaijan