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Special Education




Morgan Cook

Special Education

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7th Grade English Course Description:

English 7 builds students’ skills in writing and reading with an increased focus on nonfiction. Writing instruction reviews the narrative mode and continues to build academic writing skills with the argumentation essay, text-dependent analysis, and character analysis. Ongoing instruction in standard English conventions parallels the writing assignments, emphasizing practical application of these skills. Reading instruction focuses on vocabulary development and building comprehension and close reading skills, as applied to short texts as well as novel studies. Each unit in reading is designed with a gradual release approach, starting with whole-group instruction, moving toward small-group learning, and concluding with students independently reading and applying reading strategies. Seventh Grade Nebraska State Language Arts Standards are assessed through coursework, District Common Assessments, and the NSCAS-ELA.

7th Grade Math Course Description:

 This course includes integer operations, rational number operations, percent relationships, expressions and equations, solving inequalities, statistics, probability, geometric figures, ratios and proportional relationships. Throughout the class, exploration and technology are utilized in problem solving.


7th Grade Science Course Description:

 The middle school science curriculum focuses on topics from life science, physical science, space/earth science, and STS (science, technology, and society)/environment. Some of the specific units include cells and heredity, electricity and magnetism, weather, astronomy, and the environment. The science curriculum helps students explore science questions and discover how science is meaningful to their lives.


Ms. Cook's Schedule

1st Period: 9:54-10:38 

2nd Period: 10:40-11:24 

3rd Period: 11:26-12:10 

Lunch: 12:12-1:02

4th Period: 1:04-1:48 

5th Period: 1:50-2:34 

6th Period: 2:36-3:20

I am from Norfolk, Nebraska. I taught in Stanton, Nebraska from 2013-2016. I was the middle school special education teacher.  Then I moved to Lincoln and began the 2016-2017 school year. This will be my third year at Nuernberger Education Center.

Professional Experience

I earned my Bachelor's degree from Wayne State College in Social Sciences and Secondary Education in 2013.

I earned my Master's degree from Doane University in K-12 Special Education and Curriculum and Instruction in 2017.