Mary Herrington

Science  ·  Science Teacher

Room 102



Mary Herrington

Science  ·  Science Teacher

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 The Middle School Science Curriculum for 8th Grade focuses on topics from Life Science, Physical Science, Space/Earth Science, and STS (Science, Technology, and Society). Some of the specific units include Genetics and Natural Selection, the Solar System, Sound and Light, and Force and Motion. The Science Curriculum helps students explore science questions and discover how Science is meaningful to their lives.


 Period 1 = 8:00 - 8:52 am

Period 2 = 8:56 - 9:48 am

Period 3 = 9:52 - 10:44 am  Science 8

Period 4 = 10:48 - 11:40 am  Science 8D

Period 5 = LUNCH and 11:43 - 1:08 pm Science 8

Period 6 = 1:12 - 2:04 pm  Science 8

Period 7 = 2:08 - 3:00 pm  Science 8


I am Enthusiastic, Creative, Detail Oriented, Knowledgeable and Driven. Excellence rather than average is my standard. 

My mission...  If you want to be successful, be excellent. IF you want the best that the world has to offer, offer the world your best. Always give 100% in every circumstance so that you live without regret. Capitalize on the gifts you were given.  Find your passion, love your life and live your dream.

I am currently on the advisory board for Worlds of Connections, an NIH-funded project which spreads knowledge and excitement about network science among members of underrepresented minority communities to support diversity in bio-behavioral and biomedical careers. To learn more, visit

Professional Experience


Graduate Studies, Doctoral Program

University of Nebraska : Lincoln,Nebraska

Concentration : Administration, Assessment, Achievement


Graduate Studies, Master of Education

University of Nebraska : Lincoln Nebraska  May 1996

Concentration : Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Science

Related Fields : Biology, Life Sciences, Anatomy, Physiology, Health, Multicultural Education, and Equity Issues

Elected to Leadership positions in several campus organizations


Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

University of Nebraska : Lincoln Nebraska  August 1984

Concentration : Health and Natural Sciences

Student Teaching : Biology & Health;Lincoln Northeast High School

                                 General Science: Lincoln East High School

Dean’s List; University of Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska


Nebraska Teaching Certificate; Professional; K-12 Schools

Specialization Areas: Biological Science/Health Level 6




Culler Middle School   2002 to Present

Lincoln East High School   1992 t0 2002

Substitute Teacher   1984 to 1992