Marli Kulhanek

Art Specialist



Marli Kulhanek

Art Specialist

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About Me

I was always told I would be an artist when I grew up, and I believed it. Then I did grow up and realized being an artist alone can be difficult. So I threw myself into a classroom and found out that is where I should have been all along!

A bit of traveling, experience in the classroom, and a tendancy to be goofy around kids made me passionate about actually being around kids every day and getting to make art while I'm at it! Art is my passion, and kids are the future; I find both to be important pieces of my life and I get to be around both every day to try and help students become more confident with their creativity.

Professional Experience

I graduated from Doane College with an Art Degree in 2013 and recieved my Masters in Education from Doane University in 2015.

I have taught Elementary Art in Bellevue Public Schools for the past three years serving over 900 students in three schools.

This will be my first year teaching for LPS and I am so excited to be part of the Roper Elementary team!