Misty Murphy

1st Grade  ·  Ms. Murphy's First Grade class




Misty Murphy

1st Grade  ·  Ms. Murphy's First Grade class

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Daily Math Routine                         9:00-9:25


Word Work                                        9:30-10:00


Whole Group Reading                    10:00-10:20


Workstations                                    10:25 – 11:25


Writing                                               11:25 – 12:15


Recess/Lunch                                    12:20 – 12:55


Math                                                   1:00-1:50


Specials                                              1:50-2:40


Recess                                                 2:45 – 2:55


Math Reteach                                    2:55- 3:10


Unit Studies                                       3:10 – 3:35


Dismissal                                            3:38   

Ms. Murphy believes that all children can learn.  All children have strengths and needs.  It is her belief that through teacher/parent collaboration parents and teachers can guide children to reach their full potential.  Success is possible for all students.

Professional Experience

Ms. Murphy is a graduate of Southeast Community College, Doane College and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  She started teaching at Prescott in 2013.  The goals and mission at Prescott are alligned with her beliefs and passion, therefore she feels lucky to be a part of the staff at Prescott.  Prior to receiving her Masters in Education she held an 11 year career working with children and youth.  She has incorporated her former career into how she works with students and their families.