Michele Raatz

math  ·  Mrs.

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Michele Raatz

math  ·  Mrs.

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Period 1:  Math 7

Period 2:  Pre-Algebra

Period 3:  Math Interventions

Period 4:  Pre-Algebra D

Period 5:  Pre-Algebra

Period 6:  Plan

Period 7:  Plan

Professional Experience

I am a graduate of the University of Iowa, which is located in Iowa City, Iowa.  After graduation, I was lucky enough to be offered a position as a 7th grade math teacher at Dawes Junior High.  (There were no middle schools in Lincoln at that time, so Dawes was a Junior High School.) 


When Scott Middle School opened, I accepted a position to teach 8th grade math in a brand new building.  This provided me with many valuable experiences.  It is not offen, that one has an opportunity to open the doors of a brand new school!  I was at Scott Middle School for 4 years.  After that, I was offered and accepted a 7th grade position at Lux Middle School, on Team 7B.  This is my 14th year at Lux Middle School!