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Shelley Speidell


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About Me

Hi I'm Ms. Speidell, the Goodrich Art Teacher. This is my 13th year at Goodrich, before that I was at Pound Middle School for 15 years and before that, I taught 3 years at East Butler Public Schools in Brainard and Dwight Nebraska. I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grades at Goodrich so some students will have me for 3 years, hopefully that's a good thing! Our art curriculum is exploratory meaning I teach a lot of different mediums and techniques so that students get a taste of all types of art and they learn correct techniques to help them be successful at their own art creating. All the art classes learn about famous art styles and artists, plus we cover multicultural contributions to art from past and present. If you visit my website you will see samples of student work and get a feel for what talent our students have. You can also check out my own personal artwork there.

I have 2 grown children, a daughter and a son. I am from Lincoln and have always lived here. I love to read books, make art, do crafting, garden and as my students can tell you, I'm a cat person. I think visual arts are very important in our surroundings and have worked really hard at making art visible in the Goodrich building. My students are encouraged to look around them and notice their surroundings and we often discuss the art they see in their lives and how their own art reflects themselves and their interests.

Professional Experience

Professionally, I went to UNL for my bachelors degree and I have an additonal 36 graduate/lps hours. I have been on many professional committees over the years and I have made presentations 3 different years at the National Art Educators Convention. I am a member of the National Art Educators Association, the Lincoln Education Association and the Nebraska Art Teachers Association. I received the Nebraska Art Teachers Association Middle School Art Educator of the Year Award  in 2004-05 and again in 2014-15!! I taught for the Lincoln Bright Lights summer enhancement program for 15 years including working with their Japanese exchange program where students came from Japan and joined American students in my art classes.