Michelle Youker

First Grade  ·  Teacher




Michelle Youker

First Grade  ·  Teacher

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About Me

     My name is Michelle Youker. I have been a teacher at Prescott Elementary School since 2007. However that is not where my journey in education began. The beginning was somewhere closer to when I was 5 and teaching my rabbit her ABC’s, my success is still to be determined. From there I began babysitting at 12 for a family across the alley from me. There was the stipulation that my mother was home, but other than that I was in charge.

     I took a break from childcare when I started high school and found my second love…music. I played alto saxophone in all bands including a small combo that played jazz. I went to college as a music major at the University of Nebraska where I took a class with Carolee Curtwright.  I was so delighted with her teaching that I knew that is what I wanted to do.  I walked over to my advisor that day and changed to an Elementary Education major.  I have been working with children since that day.

     My family cosists of my mother, brother Mike and his family, who are still near and my brother Jim who is in Southern California.  I also have many nieces and nephews that are growing up, going to college and making me proud.

     My husband is Tad.  We began our life together in 1994. We were married in 2014.  (Who says 20 years is a long engagement?) We have no children, but the two cats we live with may disagree.  We love gardening, fishing and being outdoors.  Teaching is my favorite thing to do and I look forward to each new family.

Professional Experience

I completed the Primarily Math program with UNL and am a Math Specialist.

I have been a certified teacher since 1996 and havebeen an educator with LPS since 2007.

I taught in Early Childhood Programs from 1991-2007.

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