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Special Education




Ryan Clark

Special Education

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About Me

 In each NEC reading class we use the Read 180 program.  We have a wide range of readers in each class.  This includes readers at the Elements reading level, the Ideas reading level, and even some students who read at or above their current grade level.  Read 180 does a good job of working with each student based on their individual reading level and needs.  This allows the many levels of readers in the class to practice and build their skills at a pace that best benefits their individual needs.

READ 180 provides individualized, adjusted instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Students also learn and practice grammar, usage, and mechanics; test-taking strategies; and writing skills.

Phonemic Awareness

  • The READ 180 software provides practice in segmentation and blending with instruction in letter-sound relationships related to words and patterns the student has not yet mastered.
  • Students learn through explanation, modeling, and guided practice with immediate corrective feedback by the READ 180 software.


  • Instruction begins with a controlled passage that provides multiple exemplars of targeted sound-spelling patterns.
  •  The software continually adjusts instruction and models specific audio and visual phonics decoding tips and word recognition strategies.


  • The software activities require that students identify words at increasing speeds to build automaticity.
  • Audiobook narrators model fluent reading and “reading coaches” model strategies used by successful readers. ? Students build fluency through independent reading of leveled paperbacks.


  • The READ 180 software provides content-area vocabulary words that appear in several contexts to guarantee multiple exposures to the words.
  • Students click on highlighted vocabulary words to receive definitions, context sentences, and pronunciation support.


  • READ 180 presents strategies, including summarizing, cause and effect, comparing and contrasting, and making inferences.
  • Students apply strategies to their individual reading using graphic organizers that represent text structure. 



Reading Classes

Period 1: 9:54 - 10:38

Period 2: 10:40 - 11:24

Period 3: 11:26 - 12:10

Period 5: 1:50 - 2:34

Period 6: 2:36 - 3:20

I have been teaching for 8 years in LPS.  My experinces include teaching at Goodrich Middle School, Southeast High School, and now Neurnberger Education Center.  I am currently a boys high school basketball coach for LPS as well.

Professional Experience

I have my teaching certification from UN-L with a Special Education endorsement.

I have my Masters in Education Administration from Doane College.