Susan Dinsdale

Gifted  ·  Gifted Facilitator




Susan Dinsdale

Gifted  ·  Gifted Facilitator

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Classroom Information
About Me

Monday and Tuesday I am at Maxey Elementary School.

Wednesday I am at Eastridge Elementary School.

Thursday and Friday I am at Pyrtle Elementary School. 

Please feel free to email me at at anytime and I will reply as soon as I can.

My family is FULL of educators! However, that was not the first career choice for me. I started out as a PreMED major. But, as many other things in my life, that changed. One night in college, a friend, who was an education major, invited me to a lecture on ways to help kids learn differently. I was intrigued because some of the studies were about brain research. A university professor, who later became my mentor/advisor, stopped me after the lecture. Apparently, I had asked some questions during the talk that he was interested in knowing more about. I set up a meeting with him, and soon changed my major. Even though I still read a generous amount about science, medicine, and how those fields effect education, I am very happy about my life as an educator.  There is a lot of joy in assisting students as they discover new information and apply it to their own lives.  I have also been involved with helping other teachers learn by writing curriculum for the National Writers Project and teaching teachers in rural areas. 

I am the Gifted Facilitator for Eastridge, Maxey, and Pyrtle. I really enjoy working with all ages, supporting their curiosity and creativity. This job allows me to work with kids, teachers, and parents, so it is really fun for me!

I am married to my best friend, Randy. We have four children and one grandson. Our 3 older children went to Morley Elementary School. Our youngest son went to Pyrtle, Our grandson also went to Pyrtle, but now is at Lux.  Our oldest son is in Omaha, but everyone else lives here in Lincoln, so we do spend a great deal of time with our family.  My parents even live next door! :)

We also have three female dogs, a mature Shiba Inu, Gracie, and and two young Golden Retrievers, Scarlet and Poppy. Since our children are grown, our "fur babies" get spoiled with attention. Most of my time outside of school consists of reading, walking-especially walking dogs, singing, swimming, and doing yoga.  One of our dogs is in training to be a therapy dog. My husband and I are also very involved with Abendmusik, a choir group that is based out of our church. Music is how we met! 

Professional Experience

My Bachelors degree is in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. My Masters degree is in Elementary Administration. I taught for two years in a private Kindergarten library before coming to Pyrtle. I have stayed for MANY years, even student teaching with Jeanette Maas. However, during my time at Pyrtle, I have taught Kindergarten through Grade 6. Sixteen rooms in this building I have called my school home--I actually moved 20 times, but have been in 4 rooms twice! As a Gifted Facilitator for LPS,  I now work at 3 schools-Eastridge, Maxey, and Pyrtle. I LOVE teaching!