Tanner White

Health and Physical Education  ·  Teacher




Tanner White

Health and Physical Education  ·  Teacher

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Classroom Information
About Me

Daily Schedule

1st Period - 7th Grade Health

2nd Period - 8th Grade Health(X) / PE (Y)

3rd Period - 7th Grade Health

4th Period - 8th Grade Health (X) / PE (Y)

5th Period - Lunchroom 

6th Period - Plan

7th Period - 8th Grade Health (X) / PE (Y)

Education was a valued trait in my family growing up. My mother being a teacher for 39 years in Special Education for Lincoln Public Schools and Dad recieving the apprentice of the Year for BNSF as a certified welder. I went to school knowing that I wanted to be a teacher, just not sure with what age group. Having a practicum teaching experience in a middle school classroom, was like me finding a great home. I specifically wanted to teach middle school, which lead me to have a rare degree for only teaching grades 4th-9th. In 2011, I had the opportunity to student teach at Schoo Middle School and enjoyed my experience immensely. The day after graduation, I recieved an offer to teach at Schoo and was beyond excited. I have been teaching at Schoo since 2012 and continue to enjoy the staff and students.

Since being a teacher at Schoo I have wanted to continue my own family in education. My wife Trisha is a first grade teacher at Lakeview and we have a gorgeous daughter named Cecelia Liev.  

Professional Experience


Concordia University at Seward - 2012

Bachelor in Science of Education - Science and Health/Physical Education


Doane University at Lincoln - 2015

Masters of Science in Education - Curriculum and Instruction



Coaching Endorsement

First Aid / CPR Certified

Sport First Aid Certified

Eagle Scout