Wesley Anderson



Wesley Anderson


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About Me

This is my 7th year teaching Computer science in LPS; my first teaching STEM! My goal is to give students the opportunity to try as many different computer resources and activities as possible. Activities will range from coding, robotics, and typing, to marble computers, puzzle games, and more.

The technology world is ever growing and I want to get kids EXCITED about computers and technology. Not only that, I want all of our students to be computer literate. It's almost a guarantee that whatever job that students choose later in life, they will be using computers and technology in some way, shape, or form.

Professional Experience

Zeman Elementary // K-2nd

Calvert Elementary // 3rd-6th

Pound Middle School // 7th-8th

Lincoln East HS // 9th-12th

University of Nebraska Lincoln // B.S. in Elementary Education - 2015