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Megan Bates


Scott Bender

physical education and health

Shannon Binkley

8th science, publications, business

Dena Bock

6th grade math & social studies

Joyce Bustamante


Staci Cohn

special education

Kevin Deutsch

Associate Principal

Cassie Dietrich

special education

Molly Feeken

social studies

Amy Frank

vocal music

Shelby Friedrich

social studies

Majken Fullner

speech/language impaired

Gregory Hallock

6th grade math and science

Kami Johnson


Nora Lenz

world language

Stephanie Miller

world language

Caitlin Mundorf

Special Education

Alex Olson

social studies

Samuel Packard

instrumental music

Craig Penner

school counselor

Mary Pfoltner

instrumental music

Kailey Mangum

special education

Teresa Searls

computer science/business

Gene Thompson


Lindsey Thompson


Michaela Vestecka

family and consumer sciences