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Name Position Email Address Sites
Jill Able Associate Principal : Associate Principal jable@lps.org
Donna Anderson certified full time leave of absences : social studies danders4@lps.org
Andrew Armstrong teachers : Special Education aarmstro@lps.org
Laura Aten teachers : english/reading lgapp@lps.org
Susan Avery teachers : special education savery@lps.org
James Baker teachers : sped jbaker@lps.org
Andrew Bargen teachers : social studies abargen@lps.org
Josh Barnes teachers : science jbarnes2@lps.org
Nicole Barnes counselors : guidance nbarnes@lps.org
Seth Barnes teachers : mathematics sbarnes3@lps.org
Daniel Bax teachers : english/language arts dbax@lps.org
Katie Bayless teachers : math kbayless@lps.org
Alicia Beck teachers : family & consumer sciences abeck@lps.org
Daniel Beckmann teachers : physical education dbeckma@lps.org
Darla Berks coordinators : Teacher dberks@lps.org
Drew Beyer seasonal coachs : athletic activities dbeyer@lps.org
Konstantin Blume teachers : english lang learners kblume2@lps.org
Richard Bollen assistant to athletic directors : athletics rbollen@lps.org
Ashley Bourne teachers : physical education abourne@lps.org
Jane Bozek coordinators : special education jbozek@lps.org
Courtney Brethouwer teachers : student/child learn ctr cbretho@lps.org
Carrie Brison teachers : special education cbrison@lps.org
Larry Buller teachers : art lbuller@lps.org
Andrew Butler instructional technicians : Teacher abutler2@lps.org
Marlyce Carlson teachers : business (dept. chair) mcarl@lps.org
J.P. Caruso coordinators : social studies department jpcaruso@lps.org
Jacob Cathey teachers : mathematics jcathey@lps.org
Alexander Cerny teachers : social studies acerny@lps.org
Megan Christensen teachers : health/ physical education mchrist5@lps.org
Nicholas Clayburn teachers : math nclaybu@lps.org
Michelle Clifford teachers : art mcliffor@lps.org
Richard Conradt teachers : elearning rconradt@lps.org
Alex Czeranko assistant coachs : combined track aczeran@lps.org
Larry Dawson audio visual technicians : media ldawson@lps.org
Destiny DeWald special assignments : activities ddewald@lps.org
Jennifer Deets teachers : art deetsj@lps.org
Sarai Douglas teachers : english lang learners sdougla@lps.org
Sara Downs teachers : english/illusion theater sdowns@lps.org
Rodney Droud teachers : english/reading rdroud@lps.org
Janet Eckerson teachers : world languages jeckers@lps.org
Kimberly Elwood athletic trainers : athl dir office kelwood@lps.org
Larry Elwood teachers : sts lelwood@lps.org
Ryan Escamilla Associate Principal : 8th grade - social studies mescami@lps.org
Scott Evans seasonal coachs : athletic activities sevans4@lps.org
Ms Fargo teachers : science rfargo@lps.org
Demond Flowers seasonal coachs : athletic activities dflower@lps.org
Victoria Freeman teachers : science vfreeman@lps.org
Kellie Frerichs teachers : english kfreric@lps.org
Ruth Friedman certified full time leave of absences : english rfried@lps.org
Min Gao teachers : english lang learners mgao@lps.org
Catherine Garcia teachers : world language cgarcia@lps.org
Pat Gatzemeyer athletic directors : physical education pgatz@lps.org
Andrew Genrich teachers : physical education and health agenric@lps.org
Lenny Gish teachers : mathematics lgish@lps.org
Lovena Glantz teachers : family consumer science lglantz@lps.org
Brian Goodbrake teachers : social studies bgoodbr@lps.org
Carolynn Goodwin teachers : english cgoodwin@lps.org
Derrick Goss teachers : english dgoss@lps.org
Nancy Grant Colson teachers : social studies ncolson@lps.org
Jodie Green counselors : counselor jgreen@lps.org
Jarrell Green coordinators : coordinator jsgreen@lps.org
Abigail Gunzelman teachers : ell agunzel@lps.org
Susan Haller high school computer technicians : prin office shaller@lps.org
Genee Handley teachers : science ghandley@lps.org
Barbara Hardy campus supervisors : campus supervisors bhardy@lps.org
Micah Heibel teachers : mathematics mheibel@lps.org
Hailey Hemenway teachers : english/reading hhemenwa@lps.org
Lindsey Herting teachers : social studies lhertin@lps.org
Jenifer Highstreet teachers : special education jhighstr@lps.org
Alice Hillhouse teachers : math ahillhou@lps.org
Justin Holbein teachers : english: theatre, oral communications jholbei@lps.org
Wade Houchin teachers : Special Education whouchi@lps.org
Kimberly Hovendick teachers : Special Education khovend@lps.org
Katherine Huerta Simpson teachers : vocal music ksimpson@lps.org
Carter Hulinsky media center technicians : media chulins@lps.org
Madison Hultman teachers : social studies mhultma@lps.org
Amy Hung teachers : math ahung@lps.org
Collin Hute teachers : business chute@lps.org
Richard Jackson teachers : Special Education rjackson@lps.org
Patrick Janike teachers : math/ib pjanike@lps.org
Sydney Jensen teachers : english sjensen3@lps.org
Darla Johnson teachers : family & consumer science djohnson@lps.org
Michelle Johnson teachers : Special Education manders4@lps.org
Corey Jones teachers : mathematics cjones6@lps.org
David Juiliano teachers : math djuilia@lps.org
Gregory Keller teachers : english/journalism gkeller@lps.org
James Kester seasonal coachs : athletic activities jkester@lps.org
Samuel Kiddoo head coachs : soccer boys skiddoo@lps.org
Lacey Kinning teachers : science lkinnin@lps.org
Erika Kirkland special assignments : activities ekirkla@lps.org
Benjamin Koch theater technicians : theater bkoch@lps.org
Tricia Lanning assistant coordinators : special education admin tlanning@lps.org
Mark Larson principals : Principal mlarson2@lps.org
Kim Legg McCarty teachers : special education department chair klegg@lps.org
Trevor Leiting teachers : math tleiting@lps.org
Kamaya Long special assignments : activities klong3@lps.org
Stacy Luedtke teachers : fcs sluedtk2@lps.org
Joshua Lupher Associate Principal : Associate Principal jlupher@lps.org
Bryan Mack teachers : special education bmack@lps.org
Mark Macke teachers : physical education mmacke@lps.org
Nicholas Madsen teachers : business nmadsen@lps.org
Christopher Maly teachers : english cmaly@lps.org
Cassie Manhart teachers : science cmanhar@lps.org
Schawn Marr-League teachers : special education smarr@lps.org
Emily Martinez teachers : english emartine@lps.org
Laurel Maslowski teachers : social studies lmaslows@lps.org
Wallace Mason teachers : science wmason@lps.org
Douglass Matulka teachers : mathematics dmatulka@lps.org
Paula McClung school librarians : library media pmcclung@lps.org
Renee McClure counselors : guidance rmcclur@lps.org
Deborah McGinn teachers : english dmcginn@lps.org
David Medina campus supervisors : campus supervisors dmedina@lps.org
Maira Mendez Rodriguez coordinators : world languages mmendezr@lps.org
Jeffrey Meyer teachers : math jmeyer3@lps.org
Shaunna Meyer teachers : social studies smeyer@lps.org
Yvonne Meyer teachers : art ymeyer@lps.org
Jordan Milliken speech pathologists : special education jmillik@lps.org
Julianna Moran teachers : english lang learners jmoran2@lps.org
Amy Nealeigh teachers : english lang learners anealei@lps.org
Van Nguyen counselors : social work vnguyen@lps.org
Dan Noble teachers : business dnoble@lps.org
Katherine Norman teachers : math knorman@lps.org
Jill Oetken teachers : music joetken@lps.org
Elizabeth Okereke teachers : ell eokereke@lps.org
Dustin Oltman family & community engagement specialists : Teacher doltman2@lps.org
Mark Ortmeier teachers : industrial technology mortmei@lps.org
Joseph Pahr teachers : Teacher jpahr@lps.org
James Parks assistant coachs : combined track jparks2@lps.org
Marcus Perry instructional technicians : Teacher mperry2@lps.org
Andrew Peterson teachers : mathematics apeter10@lps.org
Kim Pickering teachers : business education kpicker@lps.org
Stephen Pointon head coachs : soccer boys spointon@lps.org
Adrianne Poppe special assignments : activities apoppe@lps.org
Danielle Pranger teachers : counseling dpranger@lps.org
Sharill Luedtke teachers : science sluedtke@lps.org
Marisa Pribnow teachers : englsh mpribnow@lps.org
Sean Putnam teachers : science sputnam@lps.org
Charity Rainey athletic trainers : athl dir office crainey@lps.org
Tobin Reinwald teachers : business treinwa@lps.org
Beth Rempfer teachers : english/oral comm brempfe@lps.org
Lori Rennings teachers : english lrennin@lps.org
Brad Rettig teachers : physical education and health brettig@lps.org
Matthew Richardson teachers : math mrichar2@lps.org
Thomas Riley teachers : special education criley2@lps.org
Owen Roberts-Day teachers : english oday@lps.org
Samuel Russell teachers : ell srussell@lps.org
Todd Sandberg teachers : special education tsandb@lps.org
Abel Santos teachers : social studies asantos@lps.org
Charlot Schlake teachers : mathematics cwehrm@lps.org
Joseph Schlegelmilch teachers : social studies jschleg@lps.org
Anthony Schmidt teachers : social studies aschmid4@lps.org
Alyssa Schmidt speech pathologists : special education aschmid5@lps.org
Brooke Schulzkump seasonal coachs : athletic activities bschulzk@lps.org
Adam Selting teachers : english aselting@lps.org
Seth Sharpe teachers : special education ssharpe2@lps.org
Jered Shaw teachers : social studies jshaw3@lps.org
Ashley Siedhoff teachers : ell ashreve@lps.org
Christopher Simley teachers : Special Education csimley@lps.org
Donald Simpson teachers : industrial technology dsimpso@lps.org
Fred Simpson teachers : special education fsimpson@lps.org
Michelle Sjuts teachers : science msjuts@lps.org
William Smith teachers : science wsmith3@lps.org
Jason States teachers : science jstates@lps.org
Amy Stetson teachers : world language astetso@lps.org
Kimberly Stoebner teachers : science kstoebn@lps.org
Shawn Stokes teachers : art sstokes2@lps.org
Patricia Stolzer teachers : early childhood pstolzer@lps.org
Amy Stotts student advocates : Teacher astotts@lps.org
Addisson Stugart special assignments : activities astugart@lps.org
Erin Stutzman psychologists : special education estutzm@lps.org
Dawn Sugden school nurses : health services dsugden2@lps.org
Shelley Swartz teachers : family and consumer sciences sswartz2@lps.org
Kim Szelag teachers : world language kszelag@lps.org
Rebecca Tegeler counselors : counseling center rtegel@lps.org
Melissa Terry teachers : science mterry2@lps.org
Lisa Thiessen teachers : Special Education lthiess@lps.org
Molly Thomas teachers : english, theatre mthomas@lps.org
Erin Thuilot teachers : world language (french) ethuilot@lps.org
Lindy Tinarwo teachers : ell landers2@lps.org
Christina Tipken teachers : family & consumer science ctipken@lps.org
Jennifer Trausch speech pathologists : speech/language impaired jtrausch@lps.org
Christopher Turley teachers : social studies cturley@lps.org
Judy Tuttle counselors : math jtuttle@lps.org
Lucas Varley counselors : social sciences lvarley@lps.org
Stewart Venable teachers : pe/health svenable@lps.org
Mitchell Vernon teachers : Special Education mvernon@lps.org
Amber Vlasnik teachers : math avlasni@lps.org
Seth Vontz seasonal coachs : athletic activities svontz@lps.org
Mariah Wailes teachers : world language mwailes@lps.org
Marissa Wanamaker teachers : world languages- german mwanama@lps.org
Steven Ward seasonal coachs : special education sward@lps.org
Christopher Watson teachers : music cwatson2@lps.org
James Watson Jr teachers : Special Education jwatson3@lps.org
Jordan Watteyne assistant coachs : baseball jwattey2@lps.org
William West teachers : french / nhs wwest@lps.org
Bob White teachers : social studies bwhite@lps.org
Charles White seasonal coachs : athletic activities cwhite2@lps.org
Joel White teachers : math jwhite3@lps.org
Shannon White campus supervisors : campus supervisors swhite4@lps.org
Nancy Willemsen attendance technicians : attendance nwillem@lps.org
Elizabeth Williams teachers : english lang learners ewilliam@lps.org
Shawn Williams teachers : english language learners swill@lps.org
Montsho Wilson attendance technicians : attendance mwilson@lps.org
Dianne Witmer campus supervisors : campus supervisors dwitmer@lps.org
Jevon Woods campus supervisors : campus supervisors jwoods2@lps.org
Samantha Woog teachers : english swoog@lps.org
Paula Yunge teachers : ell pyunge@lps.org
Jessica Zaruba teachers : social studies jzaruba@lps.org
Bonita Zrust teachers : business bzrust@lps.org