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Name Position Email Address Sites
Grant Aden teachers : computer gaden@lps.org
Victoria Bartels Paraeducator : Special Education vbartels@lps.org
Roxanne Bischof Paraeducator : Special Education rbischof@lps.org
John Blair Custodian : Custodian jblair2@lps.org
Taylor Boesiger teachers : Teacher tboesige@lps.org
Peter Bouffard teachers : instrumental music pbouffa@lps.org
Krystle Brandt teachers : Teacher kbrandt@lps.org
Morgan Braun teachers : Teacher mbraun@lps.org
Anessa Brohman Secretary : prin office abrohma@lps.org
Cynthia Brown teachers : 3rd grade brownc@lps.org
Joyce Cambridge teachers : Special Education jcambri@lps.org
Anne Christensen Paraeducator : Special Education achrist4@lps.org
Kristin Christensen teachers : Special Education kchriste@lps.org
DeAnn Currin principals : Principal dcurrin@lps.org
Darrell Dinneen teachers : physical education ddinneen@lps.org
Julie Ehlers teachers : 2nd grade jehlers2@lps.org
Alyssa Emery teachers : Teacher aemery@lps.org
Mary Fiedler teachers : art mfiedler@lps.org
Klaus Finkenstaedt Paraeducator : Special Education kfinken@lps.org
Lindy Gushard teachers : Teacher lgushar@lps.org
Alexa Haave psychologists : psycholspec ed ahaave@lps.org
LaVonne Hanlon teachers : library media center lhanlon@lps.org
Teal Hollmann teachers : Teacher therman@lps.org
Zuhair Jabr Paraeducator : security zjabr@lps.org
Kristin Johnson health technicians : health services ksieckme@lps.org
Cindy Jones Paraeducator : Special Education cjones@lps.org
Amy Judd teachers : Teacher ajudd@lps.org
Brighton Kathol teachers : Teacher bkathol@lps.org
Laura Keller teachers : vocal music lkeller@lps.org
MacKayla Kelsey Paraeducator : Teacher mkelsey@lps.org
Andrea Kennedy facilitators : gifted aritter@lps.org
Jennifer Lammers teachers : Teacher jmunson2@lps.org
Katie Leyden school nurses : school nurse kleyden@lps.org
Suzie Maly-Hergenrader Paraeducator : Special Education smalyhe@lps.org
Celeste May speech pathologists : speech/language impaired cmay2@lps.org
Shari McCright teachers : Teacher smccrig@lps.org
Matthew McMullin teachers : Teacher mmcmulli@lps.org
Delia Michalski teachers : special education dmichal@lps.org
Laura Miller teachers : Teacher lmiller7@lps.org
Madison Mohnsen teachers : Teacher mmohnsen@lps.org
Molly Moller teachers : team 2 mmoller@lps.org
Lauren Murphy teachers : 2nd grade lmurphy@lps.org
Rhonda Neely teachers : music itinerant rneely@lps.org
Lacey Pearson Secretary : prin office lpearso2@lps.org
Angela Penner teachers : Teacher apenner@lps.org
Mallory Schmidt teachers : Teacher mschmi12@lps.org
Karen Schur teachers : Teacher kschur@lps.org
Chelsea Seiboldt teachers : Special Education cseibol2@lps.org
Ashley Sitzman assistant principal 210s : prin office asitzman@lps.org
Amy Smith teachers : 1st grade asmith6@lps.org
Holly Stange teachers : 4th grade hstange1@lps.org
Jeanne Stolle Paraeducator : Special Education jstolle@lps.org
Jennifer Stoltenberg teachers : Teacher jstolte@lps.org
Beth Topp teachers : 1st grade btopp@lps.org
Robin Zimmerman teachers : Teacher rzimmer@lps.org