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Name Position Email Address Sites
Drew Adams teachers : 6th grade math dadams3@lps.org
Ashley Adams school social workers : student services aadams5@lps.org
Jesse Andres teachers : science 8 jandres@lps.org
Ellen Baker teachers : family and consumer science ebaker2@lps.org
Jana Becher teachers : humanities and math 6 jbecher@lps.org
Dana Bennett teachers : english lang learners dbennett@lps.org
Kelli Bowers teachers : english/reading kbowers@lps.org
Kayla Brand teachers : Teacher kbrand@lps.org
Nicole Bright teachers : Teacher nbright@lps.org
Noah Brittenham teachers : social studies nbritten@lps.org
Tim Brown teachers : 6th grade tbrown3@lps.org
Amy Burch teachers : reading aburch@lps.org
Elly Burton teachers : Teacher eburton@lps.org
Angela Campbell teachers : reading acampbe2@lps.org
Brett Christensen teachers : pe/health bchrist2@lps.org
Theresa Codr teachers : math tcodr@lps.org
Katey Cox teachers : pe/health kcox2@lps.org
Katelyn Cunningham teachers : health/pe kcunnin2@lps.org
Sarah Davis teachers : english sdavis2@lps.org
Trenton Deis teachers : art tdeis@lps.org
Heidi Fatemi teachers : 6th grade design thinking hfatemi@lps.org
Bethany Felker teachers : science ffelker@lps.org
Chad Fickes coordinators : english cfickes@lps.org
Angela Frerking teachers : special education afrerki@lps.org
Montserrat Fuente-Camacho teachers : world language mfuente@lps.org
Michelle Gibbs teachers : Teacher mgibbs@lps.org
Cheryl Graves counselors : counseling cgraves@lps.org
Barbara Grunder teachers : special education bgrunder@lps.org
Kara Guernsey teachers : 6th grade language arts kguerns@lps.org
Makenzie Hammond teachers : social studies mhammond@lps.org
Brittany Coufal teachers : Teacher bcoufal@lps.org
Megan Hastings teachers : 7th grade math mhasting@lps.org
Jennifer Hausmann teachers : 7th grade math jhausma@lps.org
Danielle Havekost teachers : 8th grade math dhavekos@lps.org
Brittani Obenchain teachers : 6th grade bobench@lps.org
Mary Higgins teachers : Special Education mhiggin2@lps.org
Jessi Horan teachers : family and consumer sciences/ health jhoran@lps.org
Jodie Jantz teachers : science jjantz@lps.org
Toni Kemerling teachers : reading tkemerli@lps.org
Melissa Kingery teachers : special education mkingery@lps.org
Kevin Koopmann teachers : instrumental music kkoopma2@lps.org
Emily Kortje teachers : special education ekortje@lps.org
Valerie Lackey teachers : computer vlackey@lps.org
Jacquelyn Lafollette school librarians : media jlafoll@lps.org
Michele Langer teachers : english lang learners mlanger@lps.org
Danielle Laughlin teachers : special education dlaughli@lps.org
Nicole Liss teachers : pe/health nliss@lps.org
Craig Little teachers : science clittle@lps.org
Jesus Lopez Mendez teachers : world language jlopezme@lps.org
Janelle Lucas teachers : math jlucas5@lps.org
Butch McLaren teachers : business, computers gmclaren@lps.org
Allison Meister Associate Principal : special education ameist@lps.org
Chelsea Merritt-Merboth teachers : english cmerrit@lps.org
Hannah Meyer teachers : 6th grade humanities hmeyer2@lps.org
Jamie Moline counselors : counseling jmoline@lps.org
Paul Moses teachers : social studies pmoses@lps.org
Kennedy Nelsen teachers : english lang learners knelsen2@lps.org
Paige Nelson teachers : science pnelson@lps.org
Kendra Nickeson teachers : science/math knickeso@lps.org
Catie Olds teachers : english lang learners colds@lps.org
Austin Oltman teachers : vocal music aoltman@lps.org
Laura Orcutt coordinators : special education lorcutt@lps.org
Amanda Osborn teachers : special education afries@lps.org
Macy Palmer teachers : Special Education mpalmer@lps.org
David Pauli teachers : science dpauli@lps.org
Deb Rasmussen counselors : counseling drasmus@lps.org
Adrienne Riedel teachers : english ariedel@lps.org
Lacy Ritchie teachers : english lritchie@lps.org
Matthew Robinson teachers : 8th grade english mrobins3@lps.org
Brennon Root teachers : math broot2@lps.org
Kelly Schrad principals : office kels@lps.org
Amanda Seeland teachers : world language-spanish aseelan@lps.org
David Seizys teachers : 6th grade math dseizys@lps.org
Jered Shaw coordinators : Teacher jshaw3@lps.org
Bill Sinnard teachers : pe/health bsinnard@lps.org
Jordan Sis teachers : 8th grade math jsis@lps.org
Katie Smith teachers : math kpease@lps.org
Shelley Speidell teachers : art mspeid@lps.org
Becky States teachers : english language learners bstates@lps.org
Kent Swanson teachers : 8th grade american history kswan@lps.org
Galen Swanson teachers : english gswanso@lps.org
Jordan Vargas student support technicians : Teacher jvargas@lps.org
Emily Whipple teachers : 8th grade math ewhipple@lps.org
Abbigail Wilson teachers : reading awilson8@lps.org
Lori Witte teachers : special education lwitte1@lps.org
Cynthia Wright teachers : social studies cwright2@lps.org