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Name Position Email Address Sites
Edward Aken teachers : 5th grade eaken@lps.org
Hollis Alexander-Ramsay school nurses : health services halexan@lps.org
Kathy Andersen teachers : second grade kanders@lps.org
Troy Baker psychologists : psycholspec ed tbaker2@lps.org
Kate Leonard - Barr teachers : 3rd grade kbarr@lps.org
Rachel Baumert teachers : 2nd grade rlemero@lps.org
L. Baxa Custodian : Custodian lbaxa@lps.org
Allen Behne Custodian : Custodian abehne@lps.org
Zach Bennett teachers : 4th grade zbennet@lps.org
Stephanie Boesiger teachers : 2nd grade sboesig@lps.org
Morgan Clare teachers : Teacher mclare@lps.org
Heidi Clarke school librarians : library hclarke@lps.org
Tracy Clements assistant principal 210s : prin office tclemen@lps.org
Coleen Colley Custodian : Custodian ccolley@lps.org
Carrie Copley teachers : computer science ccopley@lps.org
Jessica Cottrell teachers : resource jcottrel@lps.org
Megan Danner teachers : art mdanner@lps.org
Holly David teachers : instructional technology coach hdavid@lps.org
Kelly Dodd teachers : reading recovery/ reading intervention kdodd@lps.org
Kevin Eckhout teachers : fourth grade teacher keckhout@lps.org
Krystal Elsberry teachers : 1st grade kelsberr@lps.org
Stephanie Ernesti Food Service : nutrition services sernest@lps.org
Ashley Ficken teachers : Teacher aficken@lps.org
Stephen Fiero Custodian : Custodian sfiero2@lps.org
Elizabeth Fries Food Service : nutrition services efries@lps.org
Keri Gasseling teachers : 1st grade kgassel@lps.org
Judit Guderjan Paraeducator : paraeducator jgunder@lps.org
Kelsey Halverson teachers : 5th grade khalver@lps.org
Jennifer Haney teachers : early childhood jhaney1@lps.org
Lisa Hansen Paraeducator : intervention lhansen3@lps.org
Sheri Harris speech pathologists : speech pathologist sharris@lps.org
Kristin Haussler Secretary : prin office khaussl@lps.org
Becky Hummel teachers : third grade rhummel@lps.org
Lynn Hunzeker Paraeducator : special ed lhunzek@lps.org
Jennifer Jenkins teachers : 1st grade jjenkin2@lps.org
Chris Johnson teachers : physical education cjohnson@lps.org
Dottie Kitchen teachers : kindergarten dkitchen@lps.org
Annie Kleppinger teachers : vocal music akleppin@lps.org
Trisha Knoell teachers : 5th grade tknoell@lps.org
Julie Krueger teachers : instrumental music jkrueger@lps.org
Karen Langan teachers : kindergarten klangan@lps.org
Lacy Lewis teachers : 4th grade llewis@lps.org
Charlotte Linderman teachers : 5th grade teacher cturner@lps.org
Sally Lingenfelder Food Service : nutrition services slingen@lps.org
Holli Longe occupational therapists : Physical/Occupational Therapist hlonge@lps.org
Katie MacDonald teachers : first grade kmacdon@lps.org
Stephany Madsen Martinez teachers : 5th grade teacher smadsen@lps.org
Jill Markowski teachers : 5th grade jmarkow@lps.org
Benjamin Mathers Custodian : Custodian bmather@lps.org
Breanna Peterson Paraeducator : preschool bpeters2@lps.org
Vicki Pitts Food Service : nutrition services vpitts@lps.org
Lori Pope Paraeducator : special education lpope@lps.org
Jacque Prai Paraeducator : special education jprai@lps.org
Suzanne Roberts Paraeducator : Teacher srobert2@lps.org
Alex Rogers teachers : orchestra rrogers@lps.org
Taylor Schaeffer teachers : cavett 3rd grade tschaeff@lps.org
Shari Schafer Food Service : nutrition services sschafe2@lps.org
Ellen Spencer health technicians : health office espence@lps.org
Ashley Staab facilitators : reading recovery teacher astaab@lps.org
Lisa Staab speech pathologists : early childhood lstaab@lps.org
Jennifer Stilley Paraeducator : intervention jstille@lps.org
Christopher Stock teachers : 4th grade cstock2@lps.org
Jane Sundermeier teachers : first grade jsunder@lps.org
Shannon Svoboda teachers : kindergarten teacher shsvob@lps.org
Stephanie Takahashi teachers : k-5 science skoll@lps.org
Danielle Taylor Secretary : prin office dtaylor@lps.org
Jennifer Ungvarsky teachers : 3rd grade jbolte@lps.org
Jennifer Unruh Paraeducator : Teacher junruh2@lps.org
Susan Van Brocklin physical therapists : Physical/Occupational Therapist svanbro@lps.org
Jeff Vercellino principals : administration jvercel@lps.org
Megan Videtich teachers : 4th grade mvidetic@lps.org
Amanda Williams teachers : kindergarten awillia@lps.org
Christina Wiltshire school social workers : student services twiltshi@lps.org
David Wood Custodian : Custodian dwood@lps.org
Kelsey Wood teachers : Teacher kwood2@lps.org