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Name Position Email Address Sites
Val Adams teachers : math vadams@lps.org
Alexa Baxter counselors : school counseling abaxter2@lps.org
Abigail Beatty teachers : Teacher abeatty@lps.org
Akacia Beckmann teachers : special education abeckman@lps.org
Garrett Blomstedt certified full time leave of absences : special education gblomste@lps.org
Jake Bogus teachers : social studies jbogus@lps.org
Connor Bool teachers : 6th grade a team cbool@lps.org
Taylor Boshart teachers : science tboshar@lps.org
Kayla-Marie Yost teachers : family consumer science kyost2@lps.org
Sawyer Chambers teachers : math schambe2@lps.org
Shayna Cook Associate Principal : Associate Principal scook2@lps.org
Cedric Cooper principals : Principal ccooper2@lps.org
Kelsey Dady counselors : counselor kdady@lps.org
Maggie Deschaine teachers : english / team 8a mdescha@lps.org
Allysa Diehl coordinators : curriculum adiehl@lps.org
Lisa Effle teachers : special education leffle@lps.org
Danielle Gallegos teachers : reading dgallego@lps.org
Dion Gaston student support technicians : Teacher dgaston@lps.org
Breanna Hagedorn teachers : science & leadership bhagedor@lps.org
Shannon Hall-Schmeckpeper coordinators : special education admin shallsc@lps.org
Jamie Hansen teachers : art jhansen7@lps.org
Thomas Harmon teachers : 7th grade tharmon@lps.org
Kristen Heiser teachers : english language arts/ art kheiser4@lps.org
Scott Heiser teachers : Teacher sheiser2@lps.org
Shawna Heusinkvelt teachers : health and physical education sheusin@lps.org
Michael Hix teachers : social studies mhix2@lps.org
Jody Joel teachers : social studies jjoel@lps.org
April Jorgensen school librarians : school library media center ajorgen@lps.org
Lori Jumps teachers : Teacher ljumps@lps.org
Alycia Jurgens teachers : vocal music ajurgen4@lps.org
Katie Karabel teachers : special education kkarab@lps.org
Stefanie Kirkland teachers : Special Education skirklan@lps.org
John LeMaistre teachers : science jlemaist@lps.org
Hannah Manley teachers : Special Education hmanley@lps.org
Bailey Mikus teachers : Teacher bmikus@lps.org
Carie Miller teachers : reading cmiller3@lps.org
Rusty Moreno teachers : health/pe rmoreno@lps.org
Zoe Nash teachers : reading znash@lps.org
Zac Newkirk teachers : health and physical education znewkirk@lps.org
Brenda Perez teachers : math bperez@lps.org
Amanda Petersen teachers : english apeter12@lps.org
Chris Peterson teachers : english/reading cpeters5@lps.org
Karen Redd teachers : Special Education kredd@lps.org
Anna Reihmann teachers : reading areihman@lps.org
Ted Reinwald teachers : skilled & technical sciences treinwal@lps.org
Natalie Ricke teachers : Teacher nricke@lps.org
Megan Rovang speech pathologists : special education mrovang@lps.org
Debra Ryan teachers : Special Education dryan2@lps.org
Donna Salzman satellite specialists : nutrition services dsalzman@lps.org
Mackenzie Santos teachers : english msantos@lps.org
Emma Schneider teachers : math eschneid@lps.org
Mary Schuster-Graff counselors : counselor mgraff@lps.org
Adam Schwaninger teachers : 6th-8th grade art aschwan@lps.org
Samantha Schwasinger teachers : english smccray@lps.org
Tanner Shuck teachers : math tshuck@lps.org
Steven Sims teachers : math ssims@lps.org
Peggy Snurr teachers : special education psnurr@lps.org
Crystal Starr teachers : team 4 cstarr2@lps.org
Juli Steen teachers : computer jsteen@lps.org
Heather Steiner teachers : computer sciencebusiness hstein@lps.org
Kelly Stepp teachers : 6th grade kstepp2@lps.org
Lindsay Stoltenow teachers : social studies lstolte2@lps.org
Stephanie Taylor teachers : Special Education staylor4@lps.org
Ryan Tegtmeier teachers : Teacher rtegtme@lps.org
Cody Thatcher teachers : social studies cthatche@lps.org
Nicholle Todd psychologists : psychol spec ed ntodd@lps.org
Ryan Treat teachers : Teacher rtreat@lps.org
Sara Troupe teachers : english stroupe@lps.org
Randall Wagner teachers : mathematics rwagner@lps.org
Laura Wahlstrom teachers : world language (spanish, french) lwahlst@lps.org
Cole Washburn teachers : pe/health cwashbur@lps.org
Hanan Wechar s : hwechar@lps.org
Tanner White teachers : health and physical education twhite@lps.org
David Wilson s : science dwilson2@lps.org
Daniel Witte teachers : laca dwitte@lps.org
Caleb Wittenburg teachers : Special Education cwitten@lps.org