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Name Position Email Address Sites
Karista Ackerman teachers : special education kackerm2@lps.org
Brent Ailes Associate Principal : associate principal bailes@lps.org
Allyssa Allaire teachers : english aallaire@lps.org
Kim Anthony teachers : english kanthon@lps.org
ReeAnna Armagost counselors : school counselor 9-12, a-b rarmago@lps.org
Sandra Babcock teachers : sped sbabcoc@lps.org
Robert Baltensperger Associate Principal : Associate Principal rbaltens@lps.org
Kelsie Banks assistant coordinators : special education admin kbanks@lps.org
Teresa Barta teachers : world language tbarta@lps.org
Jennifer Bass counselors : counseling jbass@lps.org
Ryan Bauer teachers : physical education/health rbauer@lps.org
Wendi Baus-Herbin teachers : mathematics wherbin@lps.org
Allie Bax instructional technicians : Teacher abax2@lps.org
Kyle Beacom teachers : social studies kbeacom@lps.org
Kayla Belden teachers : special education kbelden@lps.org
Cindy Benda athletic trainers : athl dir office cbenda@lps.org
Tommy Bender teachers : english tbender@lps.org
Troy Bergt teachers : social studies tbergt@lps.org
Chad Blatchford teachers : social studies cblatch@lps.org
Jodi Gehr teachers : business jgehr@lps.org
Jesse Bouwens teachers : special education: teacher jbouwen@lps.org
Jonah Bradley teachers : science jbradley@lps.org
Samantha Brown special assignments : activities sbrown8@lps.org
Kelleen Browning teachers : world language kbrownin@lps.org
William Bryant campus supervisors : campus supervisors bbryant@lps.org
Amber Buhrman teachers : art abuhrma@lps.org
Robin Butolph teachers : special education rfurman@lps.org
Deborah Carter interpreter hearing impaireds : hearing impaired dcarter@lps.org
Joanne Catlett teachers : Special Education jcatlet@lps.org
Shelby Chopp Secretary : prin office schopp@lps.org
Sheena Christner Secretary : prin office schristn@lps.org
Brianne Clark teachers : english bclark4@lps.org
Jennifer Clark teachers : business jclark5@lps.org
Noa Craft teachers : social studies ncraft@lps.org
Curtis Craig campus supervisors : campus supervisors ccraig@lps.org
Joan Creger school nurses : health services jcreger@lps.org
Laura Cummings speech pathologists : special education lcummin@lps.org
Sara Danielson teachers : english sdaniel2@lps.org
Chelsea Dappen teachers : art cdappen@lps.org
Chris DeAmbrose teachers : english cdeambr@lps.org
Maggie Delaney teachers : instrumental music - strings mlee@lps.org
Isaiah Dell teachers : physical education idell@lps.org
Alice Dingle psychologists : psychol--spec ed adingle@lps.org
Dr. Douglas Dolezal teachers : mathematics ddoleza2@lps.org
Daniel Dougherty teachers : mathematics ddough@lps.org
Spencer Duncan teachers : math sduncan@lps.org
Sarah Fischbein teachers : 8th grade math sfischb2@lps.org
Crystal Folden Lapin coordinators : social studies cfolden@lps.org
Brian Foley teachers : special education bfoley@lps.org
Lisa Ford high school computer technicians : prin office lford2@lps.org
Kathryn Frankforter teachers : english kfrankfo@lps.org
Justin Freitag teachers : special education jfreita@lps.org
Tami Friend Secretary : athletics tfriend@lps.org
Cory Glause teachers : special education cglause@lps.org
Carol Goans teachers : mathematics cgoans@lps.org
Ryan Gottula teachers : science rgottul@lps.org
Kara Graham assistant to athletic directors : physical education kgraham@lps.org
Caitlin Gray teachers : pe/health cgray@lps.org
Michealla Gray Secretary : media mgray@lps.org
Joel Grotrian teachers : pe/health jgrotri@lps.org
Micah Hamik athletic trainers : athl dir office mhamik@lps.org
Lindsey Hand teachers : english lhand@lps.org
Eric Hanson teachers : science ehanson@lps.org
Darla Haugerud teachers : science dhaug@lps.org
Carla Haydu teachers : special education chaydu@lps.org
Sara Hazen campus supervisors : campus supervisors shazen@lps.org
Annie Rice teachers : physical education arice@lps.org
Jean Hellwege school librarians : media jhellwe@lps.org
Heather Hillhouse theater technicians : theatre hhillhou@lps.org
Julie Hippen teachers : business jhippen@lps.org
Daniel Hogan Paraeducator : security dhogan@lps.org
Alan Holdorf teachers : mathematics aholdor@lps.org
Eric Holt teachers : english eholt@lps.org
Paige Hubl seasonal coachs : athletic activities phubl@lps.org
Isaac Jefferson teachers : instructional tech. coach ijeffer@lps.org
Kristin Johnson teachers : mathematics johnsonk@lps.org
Melody Jones teachers : art dept. mjones@lps.org
Montana Jones teachers : social studies mjones4@lps.org
Brian Kaiser teachers : math bkaiser2@lps.org
Cindy Karel teachers : science ckarel@lps.org
Deborah Keith Secretary : prin office dkeith@lps.org
Troy Krien speech pathologists : speech/language impaired tkrien@lps.org
Julie Krueger teachers : english juliek@lps.org
Robert Krueger teachers : instrumental music rkrueger@lps.org
Karen Krull teachers : special education kkrull@lps.org
Tyler Lambley teachers : theatre/speech tlamble@lps.org
Margaret Proffitt Secretary : prin office mproffi@lps.org
David Leader teachers : social studies dleader@lps.org
Heather Leader teachers : physical education hnichol@lps.org
Tanner Lewis teachers : health & pe tlewis@lps.org
Kelsey Lorimer counselors : counseling klorim@lps.org
Samantha Lowery teachers : science slowery2@lps.org
Yvonne Macdonald Secretary : special education admin ymacdon@lps.org
Rachel Mack teachers : english rmack@lps.org
Sief Mahagoub campus supervisors : campus supervisors smahago@lps.org
Tracy Malousek speech pathologists : special education tmalous@lps.org
Alexander Markham teachers : social studies amarkham@lps.org
Adriana Martinez teachers : english amartine@lps.org
Tyler Mathers teachers : Special Education tmathers@lps.org
Ryan McGill teachers : skilled & technical sciences rmcgill@lps.org
Todd McQuistan teachers : mathematics tmcquis@lps.org
Richard Metteer teachers : music rmetteer@lps.org
Jonathan Mierau teachers : special education jmierau@lps.org
Patricia Monk Secretary : main office pmonk@lps.org
Joseph Monroe campus supervisors : campus supervisors mmonroe@lps.org
Heidi Moore coordinators : special education hmoore@lps.org
Carol Moravec teachers : science cmoravec@lps.org
Luis Moreno Custodian : Custodian lmoreno@lps.org
Marti Mueting counselors : counselor 9-12th k-me mmueting@lps.org
Brenda Mullen teachers : world language bmullen@lps.org
Nathan Myers teachers : science nmyers2@lps.org
David Nebel teachers : social studies dnebel@lps.org
Julie Nelson audio visual technicians : media center jnelson@lps.org
Bradley Niimi teachers : science bniimi@lps.org
Melissa Noonan teachers : performing arts mnoonan@lps.org
Jill Oestmann teachers : english jkoestma@lps.org
Stephani Olson teachers : business solson@lps.org
Janice Patterson teachers : mathematics jpatter@lps.org
Ronald Paulsen teachers : science rpaulsen@lps.org
David Peters teachers : social studies dpete@lps.org
Frankie Petersen teachers : science fpeters@lps.org
Mimi Potter attendance technicians : attendance mpotter@lps.org
McKenzie Potthoff teachers : family and consumer sciences mpottho@lps.org
Michael Powell teachers : special education mpowell@lps.org
Tammie Rayburn Food Service : nutrition services traybur@lps.org
Jordan Rector teachers : math jrector@lps.org
Michael Reed Custodian : Custodian mreed2@lps.org
Sasha Reeks teachers : social studies sreeks@lps.org
Chloe Reinwald teachers : world language creinwal@lps.org
Skyler Reising counselors : school counseling sreisin@lps.org
Marty Remmenga health technicians : health services mremmen@lps.org
Sam Rickert teachers : vocal music srickert@lps.org
Elizabeth Rock teachers : social studies lrock@lps.org
Kelli-Anne Roeber Schoening teachers : math kroeber@lps.org
Brett Ruoff teachers : social studies bruoff@lps.org
Daniel Ruth teachers : art druth@lps.org
Chris Salem teachers : social studies csalem@lps.org
Humam Sami cust 12s : Custodian hsami@lps.org
Juan Sanchez Contreras teachers : world language jsanche2@lps.org
Kelcy Sass counselors : counseling ksass@lps.org
Jolene Schlemmer teachers : family & consumer science jschlem@lps.org
Laurel Schmitz teachers : biology lschmitz@lps.org
Lindsay Schnoor teachers : social studies lschnoor@lps.org
David Schumacher teachers : science dschumac@lps.org
Samuel Segrist teachers : english ssegris@lps.org
Kelsey Sejkora teachers : english ksejkora@lps.org
Josh Severin teachers : mathematics jseverin@lps.org
Gary Shuda teachers : music gshuda@lps.org
Mark Simnitt teachers : Special Education msimnit@lps.org
Kate Sims teachers : world language ksims@lps.org
Cindy Skiles interpreter hearing impaireds : hearing impaired cskiles@lps.org
Alysia Harvey teachers : special education aharvey2@lps.org
Jeffrey Smith teachers : pe/health jbsmith@lps.org
Kaydee Smith student support technicians : Teacher ksmith2@lps.org
Greg Spangler teachers : english gspangle@lps.org
Julianne Spry teachers : math jspry@lps.org
Mary Stauffer teachers : family and consumer science mstauff@lps.org
Michael Sterns teachers : mathematics msterns@lps.org
Michelle Stewart teachers : speech/drama mstewart@lps.org
Jeff Stoehr Associate Principal : associate principal jstoehr@lps.org
Danielle Suhr coordinators : administration dsuhr@lps.org
Barbara Sullivan Secretary : prin office bsulliv@lps.org
Kirk Svendsen teachers : social studies ksvends@lps.org
Aaron Svik teachers : skilled & technical sciences asvik@lps.org
Terri Tabor Dimon teachers : world languages tdimon@lps.org
Kristen Tangen teachers : world language - french ktangen@lps.org
Tressa TeKolste teachers : english ttekolst@lps.org
Jessica Thompson teachers : business jthomps3@lps.org
Fred Thorne teachers : pe / skilled & technical sciences cthorne@lps.org
Timothy Tidball teachers : english ttidball@lps.org
Lindsay Tillinghast teachers : business ltillin@lps.org
Brent Toalson principals : administration btoalson@lps.org
Dr. JJ Toczek athletic directors : athletics/activities and pe/health jtoczek@lps.org
Ethan Van Winkle teachers : science evanwink@lps.org
Seth Walker teachers : Special Education swalker@lps.org
Autumn Wardyn teachers : english awardyn@lps.org
Dustin Wardyn teachers : social studies dwardyn@lps.org
Sherry West teachers : mathematics swest@lps.org
Amanda Wiegert teachers : transition program awieger2@lps.org
Julie Wilcox teachers : family and consumer science jwilcox@lps.org
Kelley L.P. Winter counselors : school counselor kwinter@lps.org
Nicol Woody media center technicians : media nwoody@lps.org
Dawn Worrall Secretary : prin office dworrall@lps.org
Brittany Yardley teachers : math byardley@lps.org
Morgan Young school social workers : student services myoung@lps.org
Paula Yunge teachers : spanish pyunge@lps.org
Lucinda Zmarzly teachers : math lzmarzly@lps.org